Services within the scope of labour affairs

Permanent advice on labour matters.
Management and drawing up of employment contracts.
Social security procedures (registrations, withdrawals, etc.).
Study and calculation of remuneration.
Employee screening reports.
Preparation and management of payrolls.
Legal representation and defence before the arbitration and labour courts.
Outsourcing of staff managers.
Management of subsidies for training.
Processing of redundancy schemes.
Worksite inspections.

Despatx 10

Additional services

Outsourcing of administrative processes (invoicing, collection management, etc.).
Guidance, review and processing of INSURANCE (fully comprehensive, industrial, civil liability of directors or products, pension schemes, etc.).
Claims management.
Outsourcing of third-party collections.

Data protection

Consultancy on compliance with legal obligations.
Consultancy on the implementation of security measures.
Reviews and controls.
Data protection audits.